says he’s yet to decide if he’ll remain in Formula E next season but admits competing in the all-electric championship has been ‘the most fun’ he’s had in years.

After a two-year spell in Formula 1 with Manor and Sauber, Wehrlein made the decision last September to part ways with backers Mercedes – who’d supported much of his junior career – following the German manufacturer’s failure to secure him a race seat for 2018.

After making the switch to Formula E, the German-Mauritian has starred on occasions this season but admits he’s held exploratory talks with teams in other categories as his future remains unclear.

“I don’t know yet what I will do next yeah, but obviously, I am talking a lot with about next season, I think is a great team and I had a lot of fun this year,” Wehrlein told E-Racing Magazine.

“I’m also talking [about] other seats in other categories and with other teams but I need to decide what I want to do in my future.

“This season has opened my eyes a bit because it’s probably the season I’ve had the most fun in the past three years. I think it’s really competitive here, more competition, more equal, more fair, so yeah I need to decide what I want to do.”

Wehrlein said that unlike his time as a Mercedes junior driver, any decision regarding his immediate future will be his to make as he feels he’s old enough to call the shots in that respect.

“It’s my decision. It’s always the drivers’ decision what he wants to do,” Wehrlein said.

“Obviously sometimes you get forced into one direction, especially when you’ve signed with a big team so if you’re a junior driver like I was with Mercedes. They try to guide you in the right direction but know I’m old enough so I’ll decide myself what I will do.

“I need to think a bit in the next few weeks where I see my future, and then I will decide.”