says he’s ‘disappointed’ with the behaviour of some of ’ rivals this season and says the decision to ban its unique twin-MGU powertrain shows that the design was ‘too clever’ for others to copy.

Several teams were believed to have approached the FIA questioning the legality of Nissan’s innovative setup, and following a meeting at the World Motorsport Council in Paris last month, it was decided that the twin-MGU design would be banned from season six onwards

The FIA described the decision as being mainly ‘for cost-saving reasons’ but also to ‘reduce the complexity’ of Formula E powertrains going forwards.

Speaking at the Formula E season finale in New York City, Sebastien Buemi said he was ‘sad’ at the decision and criticised the behaviour of some other teams on the grid for campaigning to get the design outlawed.

“It’s been [a really political season] and has been played out in a bad way from my point of view,” Buemi said.

“Lots of people have [been] lobbying [to have the Nissan powertrain banned] and clearly to finish second in the championship is a good reward for the team, but on the other hand, I’m sad that what we’ve produced this year will be banned for next year.

“Maybe it was too good for some people or too clever.”

“Formula E is about innovation in powertrains and in electric mobility and we killed it because it was too good, you know? I’m just also disappointed by the behaviour of some other teams on that subject, but in the end, we have to live with it.”

Buemi continued by explaining that he believes the decision to ban the team’s twin-MGU design is bad for the championship because one of Formula E’s strengths so far has been in promoting innovation and new technology.

“I just hope that in the future we will keep the strengths of Formula E, that is to, first of all, look for the sport and not for your own interests,” Buemi said.

“I’m disappointed [the powertrain] is going because it’s working very well now and we will not be able to use it. I have to accept it, it’s a decision by the FIA.

“We’ll live with it, it’s motorsport and sometimes it happens, but yeah it’s disappointing.”