has paid tribute to his team after becoming Formula E’s first two-time champion in New York and says that joining was “simply the best thing that’s happened in my life.”

Speaking shortly after his title win was secured in New York, Vergne told the gathered media how building a strong team around him had been key to his success and why his “phenomenal” relationship with outgoing team-mate Andre Lotterer was also so important.

“Clearly the moment I arrived at Techeetah was the moment my career took off for good this time,” said Vergne.

“The reason is that I went into the management of the team, so [I have been] taking decisions with Mark Preston, all the other guys and Edmund Chu – the president of Techeetah.

“It really made me understand what a team needed from a driver, but I also understood that trying to killing your team-mate was not the key to a successful team so I tried to work with Andre so he could get up to speed as soon as possible. That was really good for the team.

“The working relationship I’ve had with Andre has been phenomenal for the team, [but also] thanks to the help of everybody in the team [I’ve been able to] build a very strong team and grow as a person and as a driver massively, a lot more than if I had been in another team.”

Vergne continued by saying how a tough start to the season had made winning both the drivers’ and teams’ titles extra special and declared Techeetah to be ‘the best team’ in Formula E.

“Last year we did an amazing job [to finish second] being a private team with no testing days and very limited resources. This year we had more resources with DS, but of course, it took more time to get everybody to work together,” said Vergne.

“I’m so proud of them because it’s been a tough season and the way we were able to always bounce back for the bad moments really made our success this year. It’s good for the confidence of the team, it’s good for the coming seasons.

“I think I’m in the best place, this is the best Formula E team and we’re going to keep working hard to remain the best Formula E team.

Vergne has spoken openly in recent years how losing his Toro Rosso Formula 1 contract in 2014 was the lowest point in his career and how he went through a difficult period in the couple of years that followed.

While in New York, however, Vergne was able to reflect philosophically on his F1 exit and revealed that he now sees joining Formula E as one of the best decisions he’s ever made.

“I think me coming to Formula E was the best thing that happened in my career,” said Vergne.

“It’s funny, in life bad things happen and they say bad things happen for a reason but you kind of disagree. [Whenver] you find yourself in a very bad situation you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel but a few years later you realise that they were right.

“Me coming into Formula E, having a difficult time with Virgin and then joining Techeetah was simply the best thing that’s happened in my my life.”