boss has hailed his recently crowned two-time drivers’ champion as ‘one of the best’ he’s worked with, including his time in F1.

Preston has overseen the majority of Vergne’s Formula E career to date, including all eight of his wins and both of his back-to-back drivers’ championship titles.

Speaking to E-Racing Magazine in New York, Preston says he believes the way in which Vergne has nigh-on dominated the championship in recent seasons proves just how good he is.

“I think [he’s one of the best I’ve worked with], I mean he’s definitely one of the best drivers in motorsport and he’s showing that now I think. He just gets better and better,” said Preston.

“It’s amazing having a driver who when you’re in a bit of trouble and things aren’t quite working, you know can still put it on pole like he did in Bern and everyone goes ‘wow, okay, that’s just turned the whole weekend’ around.”

Preston went on to explain why he believes Vergne is rated so highly amongst a field of drivers thought to be one of the most talented in world motorsport.

“I think if you look back at history, you can see what makes the key drivers; we used to have an old rule of thumb that if you were a rookie in a series, the first year you had to come in and shine, and the second year you had to go and win,” he said.

“Some drivers like Lewis [Hamilton] and [to an extent] like JEV in some of the championships he was in, the speed of getting a handle on a series and how quickly you win is something that sets those drivers apart from others.

“Like, all the ones that are at the very top at the moment, you look back and you go, yep they came into a series, they went hard, and even if they didn’t win they went really quick, for me that’s the only scientific measure I can come up with.

“He’s proven that, and that must be a lot to do with fortitude, determination, you know when you’re down and things aren’t working, you know you can just do something special in qualifying and turn it all around, that’s the bit of the magic that a driver like JEV can bring.”