Alex Lynn says he’s proud of his performances since returning to Formula E this year and believes he’s done all he can to convince Jaguar to give him a contract for next season.

Lynn replaced the struggling Nelson Piquet Jr at Jaguar from the Rome round in April and has scored 10 points in five races so far, nine more than Piquet achieved during the first six.

After seeing a top-five finish slip away in Berlin and a frustrating retirement while running second in yesterday’s first race of the New City E-Prix doubleheader, Lynn says he’s happy to have silenced some of his doubters despite not having the results to show for his performances.

“Yeah, I think [I have proved a point]. Mainly for myself actually,” Lynn told E-Racing Magazine.

“I had quite a deep conversation with my manager and my parents before I came back. They said ‘if revenge is what you’re doing this for then it’s not the right reason [to come back]’ but I didn’t like the way in which I left before and I felt I had something to prove

“[I wanted to prove] that I have what it takes to win at this level and to compete. I thought today might have been the day and I hope it’s not my last chance to do it.’

“Honestly, whatever happens, and I hope I stay [with Jaguar], whatever happens, I will go home proud of my performance that’s for sure. Coming in mid-season, I think I’ve done alright. Mitch and I are 3-3 in qualifying so we’re close to each other. He’s got the win and the podiums which is great just, unfortunately, we didn’t get ours today.”

Lynn says he believed his first Formula E victory was on the cards after pressuring race leader Sebastien Buemi early on in the race before being forced to retire with a car issue.

“Yeah, honestly I really thought I was going to win my first race,” said Lynn.

“Seb looked like he was struggling with the balance so I just had to bide my time. I forced him to go early on the attack because I wanted to try and run him into trouble with either battery temps or energy.

“I’m still not sure what happened [to the car]. I had an alarm early on in the race and it was kind of a case of deja vu unfortunately. Then the car stopped 20 laps later.

“It’s just a shame really because everyone’s done a lot of very hard work, and especially without sounding negative, my side of the garage has had a difficult start to the year.

“I just feel sorry for everyone on my side but happy for the team to get another podium and happy that Jaguar can show what the car’s got.”