said he feels frustrated despite ending his two-year win drought by securing first Formula E victory in New York yesterday.

Buemi, who won the 2015/16 drivers’ championship, had not won a race since the 2017 Berlin E-Prix two years ago and had seen a number of victory opportunities slip through his grasp this season.

But despite having finally delivered on his Nissan team’s potential, Buemi said he can’t help but feel a second championship was possible this season had his luck not been as bad as it was.

“Yeah [two years without a win was hard to believe], especially as we came out of six wins in season three and then all of a sudden no wins in season four,” Buemi told E-Racing Magazine.

“It’s been tough but in a way, I’m frustrated now because when I see how many DNF’s I had this year – like Mexico the last lap, Paris the puncture, Santiago when I was leading – I really had the pace to be up there [with JEV] at the top of the championship.

“Still, I’m fourth and just four points away from P2 so anything is possible [in race two]. I’m really happy to win for Nissan, they’ve deserved this for a long time now and finally, it’s happened.”

Buemi said that after a tough start to the season, the win was likely to be a huge motivating factor for the team and was the perfect way to finish what’s been a challenging year.

“It’s big. We want to finish well because, to be honest, I think even P2 is possible in the teams’ championship apparently so we need to see,” said Buemi.

“We’re going to fight it out tomorrow and see where we can end up. Already, if we finish third as a team or even second, it would be amazing.”

Buemi also explained how his New York victory came to be and said there was a point in the middle of the race when he felt unsure as to whether bad luck was about to strike again.

“I was managing [my energy] at the start, I was under control because there is no point in building a gap, you just need to stay ahead but consume less,” said Buemi.

“At some point in the middle of the race I was slow, on the other hand, they were telling me that Lynn has two percent less [usable energy] than you and I was overconsuming by a lot.

“At one point, we were going to do an extra lap so I was a bit slower of course, but Mitch [Evans] was still on one lap less, and then two laps from the end I slowed down on purpose by two seconds to make sure I would not have to do the extra lap.

“I nearly had enough energy to do an extra lap just in case. We were under control at the end but somehow not in the middle of the race.”