Felipe Massa said he cannot understand the FIA’s decision to restart the aborted Swiss E-Prix using the original grid order and has explained his part in a heated dispute shown on live TV.

Saturday’s Swiss E-Prix was red-flagged on lap one when Pascal Wehrlein was squeezed into the barrier at the tight turn one chicane, blocking the track for several drivers.

Massa survived the chaos and made up several places but was one of a number of drivers incensed by the FIA’s decision to place drivers in their original grid positions for the restart.

Asked to explain his view of the turn one incident, Massa told eRacing Magazine: “Exactly what happened I cannot say. I saw one car start to crash so I just braked, and I managed to pass through.

“I stopped at the chicane and then carried on [using] a lot of energy, more than all the other cars that were behind.

“Then we go to the grid and I was totally surprised by the decision to put cars that crashed, cars that were not able to do the first corner [back to their starting] position, cars that were maybe on three wheels were fixed and put back into position with a lot more energy than me.”

The FIA’s decision to reset the order is based on the FIA Formula E sporting regulations which state that the order used for a race restart ‘…will be taken at the last point at which it was possible to determine the position of all cars.’

When asked why he felt so aggrieved by the decision, Massa explained that he felt the the positions should have been frozen at the point the red flag was brought out regardless of whether any drivers had gained or lost positions.

“A start is part of the race, the first corner is part of the race, so accidents can happen [but I disagree] not because I gained positions,” said Massa.

“Even if I don’t gain any positions, I don’t feel this is the correct thing to do for the race and for the sport. Especially when we passed the line with the yellow flag [showing] and not the red flag, I got the red flag when I was [halfway around] the track.

“To be honest, I was very surprised. I was asking ‘what are you guys doing?’. I don’t understand why [the FIA] made that decision. That was the argument, for sure.

“I didn’t say anything bad to anyone, I was just asking because we had no answers.”