Sebastien Buemi says he ‘doesn’t care’ where he finishes in the drivers’ championship and just wants to win one of the two remaining races in New York after enduring a frustrating season.

Buemi’s third-place finish at the Swiss E-Prix was only his second podium appearance of the season and he believes the mechanical issues he’s faced have prevented him mounting a championship challenge.

Speaking to eRacing Magazine in Bern, Buemi says he no longer cares about his final championship position and that he just wants to avoid going winless for only the second season in his Formula E career.

“I think we can try to win a race in New York, but when you look at if we had finished in Hong Kong when we had a technical issue, in Mexico, Santiago and Paris, if you look at how many points we would have it would be amazing,” Buemi said.

“Of course, some other guys had some misfortune too but I think we had more than them.”

Asked if securing third place in the standings was now his target, Buemi said all he wants now is win and joked that a third-place championship finish wouldn’t exactly sit high on his list of achievements.

“I don’t know [where I’ll finish]. I want to win a race the rest I don’t care,” said Buemi.

“I’ll go to New York flat out. If I win, I win. If not… I won the championship already, I finished twice second, I finish once fourth, yeah maybe a third place I don’t have.”

Buemi was fortunate to survive lap one in Bern after unintentionally squeezing Mahindra’s Pascal Wehrlein at the first corner and sending the German into the barrier which brought out the red flag.

Speaking after the race, Buemi joked that Virgin Racing’s Robin Frijns had predicted the crash earlier that week in a WhatsApp group the drivers supposedly all share.

“We joked in the Formula E WhatsApp group we have, ‘red flag guaranteed!’. It’s Frijns that said it. He’s the one that said it on Monday,” joked Buemi.

“The thing is with that chicane you have to be disciplined. When I felt like I couldn’t pass Mitch I stayed behind. You try to go side by side in a corner like this, it’s impossible. You’ll crash, and you’re done.

“I didn’t see anything I just felt the massive kerb that I took on the inside. I didn’t even know [Wehrlein] was there to be honest.”

Image Credit: Nissan Motorsport