says he accepts blame for the crash that ended his chance to secure a first Formula E victory in Paris and admits he’s started to question when his run of bad luck will start to change.

After starting the race from pole, Rowland locked up and went straight on into the turn three barriers just two minutes into the race and eventually crossed the line in 12th following contact with Alexander Sims late in the race.

Despite possessing one of the best qualifying averages of any driver on the grid this season, Rowland has only scored points in three races so far, making his error in Saturday’s race all the more frustrating for the Nissan team.

“I was quite calm and we were under strict orders to not race at that point, so everything was under control,” said Rowland.

“Then from nowhere I looked up and couldn’t recover it so I was on in the wall. To be honest, when it first happened I thought “you’re a bit of an idiot, how have you just thrown that away?” but then the more you start to think about it, the more you think maybe there was something.

“Up until now, there’s nothing to say there was anything peculiar so the blame’s with me. I need to go look at what happened, look at the data and see what the cause was and try to fix it.”

With Formula E currently experiencing an unprecedented run of eight different winners from the eight races so far this season, Rowland believes he could have become a championship contender had he been able to win on Saturday.

The 26-year-old brit says he feels that he’s proved already that he’s quick enough to cement his future in Formula E but concedes that he’s lost too many points this year through his own doing and has questioned when his luck will change.

“If I’d have won that race I’d have been within two points of the championship lead, so all’s not lost. It’s just when you start to miss all these opportunities, and I’ve missed a lot of points, you start to think will it ever end?” said Rowland.

“If you look at all the free practices, qualifying, I’m always in the top three or four, I’m always there so it’s so satisfying to know I can compete with these guys and it’s nice to know that I’m cementing my place in Formula E and everybody [in the team] is happy.

“Of course, on the other side of that, I’ve got less than 40 points or something like that, nowhere near as many as the others when I could quite easily be leading the championship but I’m still learning a lot, I’m a rookie so I have to learn from these mistakes.”

Image Credit: Nissan Formula E