says he’s happy with his own personal performances this season but has urged his team to continue developing its car to stay competitive in the remaining races.

Massa made his Formula E debut at the season-opening Ad Diriyah E-Prix in December and despite not yet reaching the podium, the Brazilian believes he’s steadily improving after scoring points in three of the past four races.

Expectations were high of Massa following a 15-year F1 career with the likes of Ferrari and Williams, but the Brazilian believes it’s no coincidence that the drivers winning races right now all have prior Formula E experience.

“I’m still improving, I’m still learning things every race. The experience makes a big difference,” said Massa.

“You can see also for the other drivers, the drivers that are fighting at the front also have good experience, so the experience makes a big difference here.

“I am happy with my performance but I’ll keep pushing to improve even more, and this is what I’m doing. Maybe soon I’ll be at the top level [and able] to take the most from the car from every situation.”

After failing to score in the opening two rounds of the season, Venturi appeared to resolve its problems followed the rookie test in Marrakesh, scoring 67 points in the four races that followed prior to its non-score in Rome.

Former F1 driver Massa says his team must continue developing in the second half of the season if it wants to add to the podium and victory that team-mate Mortara has already secured.

“For sure, we need to keep pushing to improve, we need to keep pushing to develop the car and the team in the right way. There is a lot of work we need to do,” said Massa.

“[The result in Rome] shows that we’re still not at the top level that we want so we will keep working, keep fighting.

“I really hope we can get back to where we were before, fighting for podiums and hopefully for the victory. We need to keep working on that.”

Image Credit: Venturi Formula E