Despite the earning the team its largest points haul of the season to date, was left frustrated by an energy miscalculation that he believes cost him the chance to fight for higher positions.

Buemi finished the race in fifth, one place ahead of team-mate Oliver Rowland but less than a second behind Virgin Racing’s Robin Frijns.

The Swiss driver explained to eRacing Magazine how he was left with a significant amount of unused energy at the end race as his team had planned for the race to be a lap longer.

“We were basically planning to do an extra lap but when we saw that we didn’t have to do it, we finished the race with a lot of energy left,” said Buemi.

“I think that over the race distance, having the right strategy we would have been quicker the whole way. We were in between a lap more or less so we were on the safe side, and that was not really optimal.

“We didn’t know whether the leader [Mitch Evans] could keep up with this and in the end, he couldn’t so we had to do a lap less. Even flat out I could not consume what was left in the battery.

Buemi added that had he started on the correct strategy, he felt he would have been able to put pressure on the drivers that finished immediately ahead of him.

“If we had started on the right amount of laps [of energy], we would have been a lot quicker per lap. I cannot tell you how much, but I think I would have followed the guys in front but because we [thought] we were doing this extra lap, we could not follow them.

The 2015/16 champion is now without a win in 21 races, stretching back to the Berlin E-Prix almost two years ago. Having failed to reach the podium so far this campaign, Buemi admits he’s growing frustrated by the number of points the team has thrown away this season.

“In Santiago, [I was] leading the race, in Sanya, we had the best pace by far, Hong Kong I should have been on the podium but had this technical issue, Mexico we should have lots of points but we stopped a lap early,” said Buemi.

“Lots of things that should have been better but we move forward and try to focus on the next race and securing the best possible result.

“We should have been in the mix a long time ago, but hopefully, Paris will be better. I have no target [for the rest of the season], I just want to win races.”

Image Credit: Formula E