2016/17 Formula E champion wants the championship to ‘spice up’  to make races more interesting while fellow Brazilian has suggested a more significant power boost be made available to drivers when using the feature.

Attack mode was introduced this season with the aim of adding an element of strategy back into the races following the removal of mandatory pitstops. In some races, it’s proved an effective tool in enabling drivers to overtake, but both di Grassi and Massa believe this is not enough.

“Attack mode has been quite consistent through the first races, always two times [per race] and [lasting for] four minutes, always in places that create difficulty and where you lose time to activate it,” said di Grassi.

“I think here [in Rome] you’re going to lose around a second to activate it. My personal opinion, I think they should spice up attack mode a little bit more, it could be more interesting in places that we can do that.”

Massa, who is new to the championship this season, agreed with di Grassi’s comments and suggested a way the feature could instantly be improved.

“Maybe it would be good to have more power,” said Massa.

“I think if they can maybe make you lose more time in the attack zone, like two or three seconds, but also give [the drivers] more power.

“Now we have 225kW, maybe we go to 240 or 250. I think it needs a good study to understand how to do it, but more power would be more interesting for overtaking than anything else.”

Image Credit: Formula E