FE’s believes that a podium finish at the Mexico City ePrix and a recent showing of strong results means that the team is headed in the right direction. 



The Swiss driver finished in third place at the end of a chaotic Mexico City ePrix. This was Mortara’s second podium finish in his Formula E career, his maiden podium being Hong Kong back in 2017, where he finished second.


Mortara’s teammate and Formula E rookie Felipe Massa finished in 8th place, his strongest result in four races. 


Speaking after the race, Mortara said that a boost in the engineering department made a sizable difference in the team’s turnaround.


“We struggled at the beginning of this season,” said Mortara. “We had big problems that were quite obvious for us. 


“When you have this kind of big problems, it’s quite easy actually to solve them. It’s not like small issues that is quite difficult to find or to spot.


“I can see that the team is working better than last year. We had some reinforcements from other engineers, and they brought us a lot of knowledge – a lot of good ideas.


“The car is definitely improving and you can for sure expect the car to be quicker and quicker and more competitive in the next race weekends.


“I’m quite optimistic and positive actually for the next ones because I can see that really we are going in the right direction. 



ERacing Magazine understands that under team principal Susie Wolff’s leadership, a number of engineers who were formerly freelancing with the team have been brought on as full time staff. 


“I feel that Venturi always had very strong engineering people,” said Mortara of the team. “They are very strong engineer people.


“Sometimes maybe they were not really taking the time to, let’s say to aim for a clear direction? Sometimes maybe bringing too many ideas in and not taking the time to test them, and often the good things were put out let’s say after some not good results.


“This year it’s not really the case. We take our time to test new things. It’s working great.”  


Images: FIA Formula E