is leading a group of manufacturers lobbying for changes to the 2020/21 World Endurance Championship hypercar regulations.



Aston Martin will release its Valkyrie project (developed in conjunction with Red Bull Racing and Adrian Newey). have released the Senna hypercar and the LaFerrari. These vehicles could be eligible to run in the new hypercar formula.


Those in the group are pushing for a stronger ‘road relevant’ platform, as opposed to the bespoke concept that is currently on the table for introduction next season.


The main concern for the manufacturers is that the recently drafted hypercar regulations are too costly.


The group believes the current regulations will force spending of around €20 million per season and consequently wouldn’t be commercially attractive to manufacturers.


The group is known to have met with representatives of the the FIA and the ACOto outline a revised vision of the hypercar regulations earlier this month.


When asked by Autosport on the proposed 2020 hypercar regulations, WEC responded in a statement saying that the discussions are ongoing between the organizers, rules makers and the manufacturers.


“The question of the hypercar regulations for 2020 is being discussed on a regular basis between the FIA and ACO – who formulate the regulations – and the constructors”.


“We are not able to answer questions right now, but a media briefing on this subject is planned for the week of the Sebring 1000 Miles.”


Image: Aston Martin