Nissan global motorsports director Mike Carcamo said having Jean-Paul Driot and e.dams as a partnerwill be key to finding success for the Japanese manufacturer in the FIA Championship. 

Driot spoke to eRacing Magazine earlier and described the alliance between and e.dams as going “perfectly well”.


“That is a very kind comment by Jean-Paul. He is a man of incredible stature within this sport, and he demands a lot,” said Carcamo of Driot during Friday’s team principals’ press conference at the Mexico City ePrix.


“When he says “perfectly” I think he means more that we have the same goals – we have aligned goals and we have figured out a way to work through those problems that we have.


“No team is without problems and integrating so many different functions from different parts of the world is not easy. While e.DAMS has a significant presence here in the last four years, for us it is new.


“There are many challenges for us – we are rookies in this, so we are learning the same way as anyone else does.


“I would say that a good team helps pave the way to success. With e.dams we’ve had that. I do think the relationship is going well and we are just waiting for that first result to celebrate together.”


Image: Nick Dungan / NISMO