team boss  spoke with Esteban García about the team’s goals for this season, on launching the I-Pace eTrophy, and his views on Formula E’s female driver test in Ad Diriyah.


Which’s your opinion on Formula E’s new feature, attack mode, so far?


From my point of view, the attack mode has shown it’s a format that actually works, which is good because it creates intrigue but not only in the lead battle, there are other battles happening with people taking the attack mode and it’s interesting from a fans’ perspective. I think it potentially allows overtaking and defending of positions, which is good to see.


Also, I think it keeps the race very interesting from start to finish, and I believe that it is the most important point. Sometimes the pit stops were the most important point of the race, the difference now is that there is someone using the attack mode. It seems a great addition to the championship.


What was the most difficult part of understanding the Gen2 Formula E car?


It is a very complicated formula, so you have so many factors [to consider]. The drivers have a huge amount of work [compared to] conventional formula categories, the car itself is similar but is very unlike the combustion cars. You have to optimise your overall car package to show efficiency but also the best performance on one-lap. 


It’s a very complex formula. The fact we are racing an electric vehicle, we have to optimise the package so that the car has good performance in a lap and the race pace, which is the most important thing.


What is your point of view regarding the debut of Jaguar’s I-Pace eTrophy?


It is a really exciting project for us. Our view of Riyadh [is that it was] a fantastic event. It is exactly what we are looking to create which is a championship with close racing, the world’s first ever production battery car with close racing and talented drivers and that’s what we saw in Riyadh.


The cars have a very close performance with the smallest margins, and yes we are looking to build [the championship] but these are very early days. Our view is very positive, it is what Formula E needed, a high profile support championship, which is what the I-Pace eTrophy is.



Which is Jaguar’s aim for this season?


From my perspective, the first season was a lot of learning, in the second we tried to score points in most of the races and, in this third, we want to fight for the podium. Our goal is to reach the podium, there is a lot of passion in the team to achieve it, hopefully, we can achieve it.


What is your view regarding the female test in Riyadh?


I think the subject, in general, we should do what we can as a sport to make it more accessible for women to compete and that is also more attractive to them. I think the test in Riyadh was a good opportunity to give very talented women to test a Formula E car


The test last week in Morocco showed that Tatiana Calderón was very quick and that there [are talented] women, it is about giving them opportunities and inspiring new generations of girls to come into the sport. It seems to me that it is a step in the right direction but, obviously, this is just the beginning and it is something that should motivate us to continue doing it.


What is the hardest part of being Jaguar’s team principal?


It is a very complex answer. Fundamentally, the most challenging thing as a team is to succeed. It is about making sure that we have the people, the tools and the budget to achieve the results. It is a great privilege to carry, it is an honour to lead a group of very talented people to take them to achieve the success they are capable of. 


Image Credit: Jaguar Racing