, driver, explains to Esteban García about the improved the speed of the American team and the subtle brake-by-wire differences between and WEC.


What can you say about the performance of this year’s Gen2 car?


First I think to start with the positive. The car has shown bursts of good performance. It is about having a weekend without any problems. The series changed the car. The system, is a different category with different phases in the race, with several strategies.


Which are the different technical regulations in comparison with Gen1 car?


The car is faster, we use more power. The handling changed everything, to the way that the ‘brake-by-wire’ helps in braking, the rubber is different, the battery also. It is difficult to compare it but it is faster than Gen1.


How does ‘brake-by-wire’ system work?


The system is different. The Toyota has electric motor back and forth, in Formula E it’s managed only in the back, the system is more automated and more complex and costs more to manage. It’s a help if you have the braking settings and mappings.


How do you manage the new battery of Formula E for this season?


Energy management is different, you have to be more precise. There is much to be gained and lost, the race now is for time, a safety car or a full course yellow you change the energy, there are a lot of strategies.


What has been your experience of the new attack mode?


I was able to finish using the attack mode. We had a loss of power [in Marrakesh] and that complicated us, then we had problems with the brakes but we would have finished within the first seven, the car has shown good potential. The important thing is to be able to finish a weekend without problems.


What is your impression of the Parque O’ Higgins track?


It is a more typical circuit of Formula E. The previous ones were conventional tracks, we have cement, changes of grip, much narrower sectors, especially to manage the change of grip, by the change of the cement plates by the paved part.


What’s it like having Maximilian Guenther as a team-mate in Dragon Racing?


Max [Guenther] is a very fast driver, he has a very high level, he is young, he has a lot of desire. It is good to have new blood in the team. With regard to Marrakesh, we had two different strategies and he made very good progress with a very risky strategy. He would not have reached the end of the race If safety car didn’t have deployed.