A new Extreme E electric racing series is set to launch as a co-project between FE CEO Alejandro Agag and McLaren’s Formula 1 sporting director in an effort to bring electric racing closer to what people can buy in the showroom.


Tipped to be twice as powerful as the current 2nd-Gen Machinery, the ’s cars run chassis, battery, suspension, ECU and software, as well as the option of the current powertrain or one provided by the manufacturer.


The XE battery is being produced by McLaren Applied Technology, the builder of FE’s Gen2 batteries before giving them to the FIA to distribute to the teams, and the company will also provide the spec motor on offer in XE.


FE chassis supplier Spark Racing Technology will construct the base XE chassis to be fitted with a silhouette derived from a road-going SUV bodykit.


“We are going to make these cars from scratch,” Agag said at XE’s launch event.

“There are similarities and differences to Formula E. But we want to race with cars that look like cars that people can buy for their daily lives. The main difference with Formula E. We want to showcase electric cars in competition that people can then buy.


“McLaren is already developing the first battery, which is based on the current Gen2 Formula E battery, but will be twice the power because these cars are going to have two Formula E-spec motors.


The first XE prototype is set to be delivered in April this year, before testing starts and a slated first race date in January 2021, with five events to be staged in the most remote and extreme locations, such as – the Arctic, the Himalayas, Sahara desert, the Amazon rainforest and islands in the Indian Ocean.



Adopting an innovative approach to sports broadcasting, Extreme E races will be screened across

the world in a serial documentary style, allowing fans to follow each episode with a cinematic feel.


A special focus will be placed upon the adventures and challenges of each race, as well as telling the story of how climate change is endangering the ecosystem in each location.