, Team Principal of , spoke with Esteban Garcia about the team’s main goal for this season is prepared for Mercedes EQ entrance in from season six.


What was your objective for the Santiago ePrix?

For us, the main goal is to make some mileage in this event something that didn’t work out in the last two events, especially in Marrakesh with issues on qualifying but also in the race. We have lost our cars in the first corner of the first lap. That cannot happen, unfortunately both teammates crashed and we lost them, so we could not learn anything from that event, which is a shame. Our target here is clearly to collect as much data as possible and go for there



What is the most difficult part of being a Principal Team of a new team in Formula E, which is so competitive?

I think it was clear from the beginning that this was not something you get as a gift. This is a highly competitive field and the other teams have been competing here for the last four or five years  We are new… We are the beginners, so we have to learn a lot. Of course, we have all the racing pedigree. We have a lot of experience in other categories, but this is completely new. There are a lot of things to learn. That is our focus at the moment.


Which is the part of the race do you like most: the Attack Mode or the race during 45 minutes plus one lap?

It’s difficult to say. It is a combination of factors that treat you over the weekend. I think Formula E has a nice weekend format. For us at the moment a lot of things are new so it is still interesting. I wouldn’t say there is a particularly strange that’s something comes together as a complete and at the moment, we like at all of the components.


Which is the aim for this debut season with HWA?

Of course we would like to battle for points and winning races, but I think we have to be realistic with the package we have now, it is difficult to fight for race victories. A victory for us is to finish with both cars and then if they can get a few points it is even better. We have enough races to find out how it works. Everybody in the team, including the drivers, knows the big picture about it. We need to work hard now to be really on it for season six and that is basically the main target when Mercedes EQ comes in. They have a great drivetrain and can hopefully for race wins and fight for the championship.

Let’s talk about the collaboration with Venturi, is it better for you to have another team with experience in the category?

To be honest, there is not a lot of choices because you need a manufacturer to get there. We decided on Venturi because we can improve things together, which I believe is the case. It is a small manufacturer but our target is joining with Mercedes next season onwards. It is also tough to work together with another manufacturer as they wouldn’t be happy to share all the data with us. We are still really working together to improve performance and reliability.

What is your opinion of the women’s test last month held in Riyadh?

It is a good approach. I think, in general, there are few women in motorsports.

I think it is more a basic problem because I think there’s too few girls starting in motorsport, so its a logical consequence that not so many good women end up the top series of a category.  That’s why we need to find the way how to get more woman in motorsport from very first from karting and if you have them there and more people get interested, once you have the women competing, they will climb up the ladder.


From my perspective, there should be no reason for women not to be successful in motorsports but they should have the equal chances as men since their constitution and I think it can work but you have to find the right ones.