A relaxed tells Esteban Garcia the Gen-2 is starting to feel like a glove and why competing in Chile is much like a home grand prix.



There isn’t a round in Brazil yet, but is this the next best thing?


Yeah, I mean I think it feels like a home grand prix to be honest. You are very close to Brazil here. The mentality of the people is very close to Brazilians. Very nice people, the Chilenos, but also many, many Brazilians around in this city. It feels very like a home grand prix. I really hope this feeling as a home grand prix can give us the result we really need that we didn’t have in the first two races. But I really like to think about [this as] a proper home grand prix here in Santiago and use all the right mentality, all the right energy, to try to have a good race here.


Do you think it’s possible for a round there in the near future?


For sure it is possible. Brazil is a top country to have the Formula One race. I think Formula E tried already to do a race in Brazil. Unfortunately it didn’t work, but I’m really hope very soon we can have a nice race in Brazil. It would be great for Formula E but also it would be great for the Brazilian country, for the image, and especially at this new moment for Brazil. I’m sure Brazil has a lot to grow now with the new president, with the different mentalities. We see that Brazil, I think, is growing, especially in making people having the job, having an economy high. So I really hope for the best for the country but I really hope that we can have very soon a Formula E race there.


What’s your opinion on the Gen-2 car? What did you feel the first time you drove one compared to now?


I think when you drive for the first time it is a big change. It is something that the way of driving the car is different. The car has no downforce. The car has road tyres. The car has different engine. The car has a different weight. Completely different brakes. Everything is different, so you really need to learn kind of from zero. When you have experience it helps as well, so now I think everything is starting to be more normal for me. I’m still learning many things, especially the tracks — I don’t know any track that we are racing, so this and other tracks are brand new for everybody but also for me. Evert track will be brand new.


 But I’m really enjoying it. I think it’s a nice, it’s a funny championship to do. Everything happens at the same time. The races are fun. It’s a little bit like indoor karting, you know — people trying to pass you on one side you look in front, you look to the back. Everything is happening at the same time. Qualifying is quite difficult because you have the one lap to do your lap. Everything is no easy but quite fun.



 Do you think electric racing will evolve categories of motor sport?


I think so, yeah. I think definitely it will be the future. It will be the future in everything. It will be the future in cars, the future in bikes, the future in cycling, which will be also electric, the future in trucks, the future in buses, the future in races. Definitely it is. We cannot escape this. Then, I mean, where Formula E will arrive, I think we still need a little bit of time, but the way the championship is growing, it can even fight with Formula One as well.


What’s your opinion on attack mode?


I think the idea is fantastic. It’s really nice for the people, it’s really nice for the strategy, it’s really nice for everything. But I still believe the difference between the amount of power you have in the whole race and the attack mode should be still bigger, because it depends on the track, it’s not so easy to overtake using the attack mode. So I think maybe the gap still needs to be bigger from the 200 kilowatts compared to what you have in the attack mode. Maybe you can race with 190 or maybe 200 and have 235 attack mode, or maybe 190 and 225, but at least increasing the gap will make races even more interesting.


Do you like the street circuits in Formula E or do you prefer a mixture?


I think the street circuit is nice. It’s the mentality for the championship. I love normal circuits like Spa, Suzuka. Definitely these are tracks that will always be one of the favourite tracks I drove. But I think the mentality of the championship is it is on street circuits. If it’s inside tracks, it’s fine, and I think a bit of a mix is fine as well, but street circuits is the mentality.


Images: Formula E