believes a breakdown in communication caused his and Antonio Felix da Costa’s collision during the and he revealed that the pair hugged each other on their return to the garage.

A botched overtake by Sims resulted in da Costa being sent into the barrier from the lead of the race, although da Costa has since indicated that he feels more to blame for the incident than his teammate, Sims refutes this suggestion.

“I don’t think Antonio should take the blame entirely himself. It was all our mistake really. It was a breakdown of communication leading up to that moment,” Sims told eRacing Magazine.

“Efficiency-wise, pace-wise, I seemed to be OK and every time I tried to save more energy, I thought Antonio would do that as well because you don’t want to have too much of a lead. I had a decent amount of energy more than Antonio and the pace was good.

“I was not entirely sure what to do with the pack catching us a bit, so at some point, I thought ‘let’s race’ but the real mistake was the lack of communication from my side back to the garage, and from the garage to me to manage the situation before it happened.”

With the pair enjoying a close relationship having raced with and against one another in several other series, Sims revealed that he immediately went to comfort da Costa after the race and says he’s keen to move on and focus on the positives from an otherwise successful second race.

“When we got back to the garage we hugged each other. We never wanted this to happen, and it’s a real shame for the whole team that the situation panned out as it did. No grudges, no ill feelings. We’ll work together and move on, learn from this and try to do better next time.

“If you’d have told me that I’d be second and fighting for the win in my second race, I’d have said you’re crazy, so there are loads of positives to take from [this race].

“It doesn’t seem to be a flash in the pan [and an opportunity] that we’ve squandered. Hopefully, there are many more positives to come.”

Image Credit: BMW Motorsport