has likened the driving style required in Formula E to ‘an indoor go-kart race’ and says he must avoid thinking too much about his Formula 1 experience if he is to be competitive.

The former Ferrari and Williams driver switched to Formula E after calling time on his F1 career at the end of 2017, but after a difficult debut in Ad Diriyah last month, the Brazilian says it will take time for him to adapt to his new surroundings.

“Every track is new for me, but also the way you race is new, which is that so many things are happening. It is like an indoor go-kart race, where everybody starts and everything happens at the same time,” Massa said.

“The feeling for me is very different. It is a lot to learn but the positive thing is that we had reasonably good pace [in Ad Diriyah].

“I think the driving style is quite different in Formula E compared to Formula 1, especially actually in the race. Qualifying, I mean you need to drive to the limit, you need to learn the lines, it’s not so different, but in the race, the lines you’re taking to save the battery, the way you need to work with the regen, everything is different, and [all these things are] important in this world, you cannot be thinking about the other championships.

Massa initially retired at the end of the 2016 season and says he had planned to enter Formula E last season, before being asked by Williams to delay his retirement for a year.

Despite having tested a Gen1 Formula E car prior at the beginning of 2017, Massa says the majority of his Formula E knowledge is of the new car, something he feels will be of benefit to him as the season unfolds.

“The difference between Gen1 and Gen2 is it is more powerful, better grip on the tyres, maybe even less downforce and a heavier car, but a better braking system,” said Massa.

“It is a different car, much better car to drive and easier to set up. I do not really have enough experience with Gen1, as I drove it only once two years ago on a different track. The experience I am getting is straight in this car.

“Everything is changing, there is a different car, there are different rules. Every team needs to develop themselves. For sure, what you did beforehand, it helps, but it is better to start when you have a big change in the rules, which is what I did.”

Image Credit: Formula E