Ford has refused to rule out an entry into the ABB FIA championship as it remains coy on its motorsport future.



Ford, who was heavily linked to the Formula E series twelve months ago, confirmed its interest in the ever-burgeoning all-electric series with Global head of Motorsport, telling Autosport that Formula E was firmly in the running, stating it was “still on the sheet of paper we are looking at.”


However, even for a company as large as Ford, who was the third largest, car manufacturer in 2016 according to Statista, beating out potential FE rivals Nissan, as well as HWA -linked Mercedes, into 5th and 10th respectively. This is due to Porsche’s highly anticipated arrival for the Sixth season of Formula E in 2019/2020. This meaning that the series reaches its 24 car, 12 team grid quota.


However, Rushbrook was confident that there was “still room” for the American car manufacturer giants, revealing that there was potential for partnership with a current team as he stated, “it would mean joining up with an existing team, partnering someone on the grid today.”


The main candidate of choice based around ‘paddock whispers’ would be Formula E’s current American incumbents, the Penkse-owned GEOX Dragon Racing team. Dragon Racing was the team many suggested the Ford link came from last year, therefore many see an All-American partnership as the most suitable option.


Despite this, Ford would still be unable to develop their own powertrain die to the homologation date for manufactures passing last April. This would leave them looking further forward, potentially to season 7, should a partnership come to fruition. The deadline for homologated manufacturers being February 1st, leaving Ford with little time to act upon their interest.


Ford’s desire to join the industry comes from, like many of its rival manufacturers, the ever-growing market for electric road cars, Rushbrook stating “given what our cycle plan is for road cars we are very interested in adding an electrified form of motorsport In the near future.”


Image: Ford Motorsport