Endurance racing took a significant step today with the approval by the FIA World Motor Sport Council of the new 2020-2025 regulations. A new top category of cars, replacing the current LMP1 prototypes, will be introduced from September 2020 and the introduction of the ‘’ era.


After months of work between the ACO and FIA, the regulators for the FIA World Endurance Championship, and after consultation with automotive manufacturers across the globe, the technical regulations for the new category were presented and validated by the FIA’s WMSC today in Saint Petersburg in Russia. 



There will be only one hybrid system on the front axle of the new Hypercar, which will generate 200kW. The weight of the battery will be 70kg and the motor 50kg. The combustion engine will generate 520kW with a minimum weight of around 180kg. Overall weight of the car will be fixed at 1,040kg.


Homologation of the vehicles will be set at five years to curb costs, but will allow manufacturers to market their models effectively within a regulated framework.


To balance performance between the marques, success ballast will be accrued, with 0.5 kilograms added to each point earned, but will not exceed 50 kilograms. All weight added will be removed for the 24 Hours of Le Mans.



Also confirmed at the World Motor Sports Council meeting were amendments to the FIA Sporting Regulations for the 2019-2020 season including a revision to pit stop procedures and the introduction of success ballast for the LMGTE Am category. From next season it will no longer be possible to carry out tyre changes at the same time as refuelling during a pit stop. 


The name of the new hypercar class will be chosen by popular vote, and will be announced in the New Year.