says he’s been impressed with Susie Wolff’s contribution since taking over at , and says he’s looking forward to showing everybody that the Monegasque outfit is now “a different team”.

Mortara scored a career-best second place finish at the 2017 Hong Kong EPrix, just two races into his Formula E career, but could only manage a further two points finishes as the team suffered a string of car issues that hampered his form.

Now back for a second season, this time as teammate to series debutant Felipe Massa, the Swiss-Italian driver is keen to better the results he achieved in his debut year and believes Wolff’s arrival will be key to the team moving forward.

“She made a lot of changes in the team, brought some new people into the team with some new ideas. We’ve definitely made a big step forward, and a big reason for that is the changes that she’s made in the team,” said Mortara.

“I see it as a very, very positive thing and I can’t wait actually to start the season to show everybody that Venturi is a different team. I believe we do things in a more professional way now, in terms of organisation, things are quite a lot more structured.

“I hope you are going to see a better performance from the Venturi cars.”

Wolff recently explained that the decision to pair Mortara with new recruit Massa was in part due to his personality being “a better fit” with that of the Brazilian’s, a decision Mortara understandably agrees with.

“I think she’s right! I’ve got a pretty good relationship with Felipe. My parents are Italian, he’s from Brazil, in terms of culture I think it’s not so far off,” he said.

“We understand each other, and sometimes it can be more difficult between some people to understand each other, so yeah that makes it quite easier.

“He’s a very talented driver obviously, and he’s got nothing to prove. He’s a very good benchmark, so it’s very good for me to have Felipe in the team.”

Image Credit: Venturi Formula E