The number 88 Dempsey Proton Porsche has lost their podium finish whilst under investigation for fuelling time and data irregularities.


After the G-Drive and TDS cars were disqualified for fuel rig irregularities at Le Mans, the 2nd-placed number 88  entry and sister number 77 Porsche received time penalties, and notice of investigation into the issue by the FIA Technical Delegates before the next FIA round at Shanghai in November.

The penalty dropped number 88 from 2nd place to 5th after minimum fuelling times were breached by both Porsches.


The Stewards decisions noted that sensors monitoring the fuelling logs from both cars were “found sending a signal that was intentionally modified before being sent to the FIA datalogger.”

The penalty elevates the number 90 TF Sport Aston Martin Vantage into 2nd and the 98 Aston Martin Racing entry to 3rd. 


Image: Adrenal Media