Gazoo Racing will be handicapped for this weekend’s following an Equivalence of Technology review from the FIA.



Both TS050 HYBRIDs will carry 26 kilograms of extra weight to raise the overall weight to 904kg compared to 818kg for normally aspirated LMP1’s and 833kg for turbocharged cars.


Additionally, The lap cap for the non-hybrid LMP1’s has been dropped, meaning they will no longer need to pit two laps earlier than the Toyotas.


Fuel allocations for the non-hybrid LMP1’s will allow for longer stints and fuel fill restrictors have been adjusted to balance time during pi-stops.


In GTE Pro, the Ganassi Ford GTs have been hit with an 18kg weight increase and a boost reduction, while the Porsche 911 RSRs will receive al 2kg increase, a 0.3 mm smaller air restrictor and one litre less fuel.


Contrastingly, the BMW’s M8 GTEs will receive a 20kg weight reduction, along with a turbo boost pressure increase, and a two-litre increase in fuel capacity.


In GTE Am, Porsche and Aston Martin Vantage GTEs will receive 10kg and 5kg weight increases respectively.


Image: Richard Washbrooke Photography