’s says he is unwilling to take risks as he closes in on his first Formula E title win and believes people will only remember who won the championship and not how it was won.

With a 40 point lead over DS Virgin Racing’s , Vergne can potentially wrap the championship up this weekend in Zurich if results go his way, and the former F1 driver says he’s been thinking about winning the championship since before the season began.

“I’ve been driving the whole year thinking about the championship,” said Vergne. “I take risks, but I never take risks to win a race in style or whatever.

“The only thing that matters and the only thing that people remember is who won the championship, and who won races. The rest people forget.

“I will drive exactly the same way as I have from the first race this season.”

After his coming together with at the previous race in Berlin, the pair appeared to have differing views on the incident with Buemi saying that the outcome will be different in Zurich and that he should expect ‘a much tougher fight’ should they meet on track.

When asked for his response to Buemi’s comments, Vergne was adamant that the Renault e.dams driver was the one in the wrong, and suggested he was just mad at himself for making a mistake.

“I went for it, and he knew I was on the inside, but he turned in to me. If there is someone to blame it’s himself,” said Vergne.

“The reason I’ve not even been called by the [stewards] is because I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong and if he’s mad, he can only be mad at himself for making a mistake and letting me by.

“If he wants to crash into me, then he’s free to do whatever he wants, but he knows what’s right and what’s not right.

Buemi was in a similarly punchy mood in the drivers’ press conference, and when asked if he had any advice for Vergne his response was, “To be honest, I don’t care at all what happens to him this weekend.”

Image Credit: Formula E