has left no stone unturned in his preparation for the 24 Hours of Le Mans on June 16/17, having viewed sixteen hours of on-board footage from the 2017 race.



“I watched all of that and some races from the past, videos, the lap from Kamui [Kobayashi] in qualifying on the internet,” Alonso told Autosport prior to the start of his 2018 Le Mans campaign with tomorrow’s official test day.


“I think I am prepared as I can [be],” he said.


“Obviously the real track and the real conditions are always different because you don’t have the uphill and the downhill on the simulator,” he continued.

At Le Mans there are a lot of drivers who aren’t competing during the rest of the season, so a simulator won’t educate a driver as to who’s in a car they’re overtaking. Knowing when to be patient and when to push is something Alonso is acutely aware of.


“The adjustment to the speed difference between cars and to the traffic is something that you develop only in the real car and with a good number of laps.

“Tomorrow that’s the intention. It’s going to be interesting in the car.”


Having to share the car with his team mates means Alonso will have to maximise what little time he has.


“I get some longer runs compared with the others — I think we’ll end the day with a little bit more laps on my board, maybe 10 percent more but not much more.”


Image: Adrenal Media