Here’s a statistic that may surprise you. ’s is the only driver to have qualified in the top 10 at every race this season, and what’s more, he’s done that in 22 of his last 25 races.

For a driver not in a consistent frontrunning car, that record is seriously impressive. But why is Turvey so quick over one lap? eRacing Magazine spoke to the Brit in Berlin to find out.

“I always try to focus on maximising the potential of the car. I know I’ve been qualifying well, and I think it’s one of my strengths,” says Turvey.

“Qualifying is always a kind of pressure moment of the day, and of the weekend. It’s the moment when you have to nail the best lap; that’s part of the skill of racing in Formula E. You only get one lap at 200kw, so you have one chance basically.

“I’ve made very few mistakes. Quite often my best lap comes in qualifying.”

Now a veteran of 33 Formula E races, Turvey knows just how vital qualifying can be to securing a good result. He’s scored 44 of NIO’s 45 points this season, with teammate Luca Filippi failing to make the same impact.

Turvey explains that getting a feel for the car in practice is his first point of call, and then he’s able to carry that speed through into qualifying as he builds up confidence within the car.

“I think it’s about getting the right balance in practice and finding the right feeling the car at each track. Finding confidence in the car you have underneath you, and then going into qualifying knowing what you’ve got to do and focusing on the lap,” says Turvey.

“Since the start of season three we’ve had strong qualifying pace and [this season] every qualifying we’ve been in the top 10, so I feel I can just focus on the lap now and get the most out of the car.”

Translating that speed into results has, at times, been tricky, and in previous seasons Turvey has seen some significant results go astray as the team has been unable to carry the same pace through into the race.

This season, Turvey has been able to reproduce that speed on a more consistent basis during the race, and he’s already surpassed his points total for the previous two seasons combined.

“Last season we were qualifying well but struggled a bit in the races. This year we’ve definitely made a step forward with our race pace and have been able to translate some of those qualifying performances into good results,” says Turvey.

“Unfortunately at the start of the year we had a few technical issues which cost me some good results, but we were able to get our first podium in Mexico. The first podium for me and the team [under the NIO name].

With a brand new car and powertrain to be introduced in season five, Turvey insists the NIO team are pushing as hard as anyone to gain ground on the teams ahead and believes his first Formula E victory might not be too far away.

“I know our guys are pushing really hard with the new powertrain. To get on top of the new car as quickly as possible in testing, and to be able to arrive the most prepared at the first race will be important,” says Turvey.

“From the first podium in Mexico, the aim now is to get the first win. We’re pushing hard. It’s really tough this championship, but I’m confident if I keep qualifying well, hopefully, we can get a win in before the end of the season.”

Image Credit: Formula E