The number 1 R-13 Gibson has been disqualified from the  after the car’s skid-block failed to pass post-race scrutineering.


FIA stewards determined that the number 1 car’s bock measured 18.8mm, which was 1.2mm under the tolerance allowed for the skid block – normally 25-5mm.



An official FIA statement quoted: “The competitor accepted the measurement, and according to Art. 12.18 of the International Sporting Code, the Stewards decide that all of the following cars are moving up in the classification.”


Consequently, , and Andre Lotterer lost their final podium position their third-place finish, but elevates the sister number entry of Thomas Laurent, Gustavo Menezes and Mathias Beche to third place and the number 4 ByKolles CLM P1/01 NISMO to 4th – the best result in the team’s history.



Rebellion Racing has the right to appeal the decision, but no statement has been made by the team. Andre Lotterer addressed the decisio on Instagram, saying: 


“We used too much of our floor. I always find this type of penalty super harsh for endurance racing, but that’s how it is… 24h of Le Mans is next!”


Image: Adrenal Media