has questioned Formula E’s decision to remove the minimum pitstop time after a seatbelt issue was found to be the cause of his retirement.

The Jaguar driver was forced to stop on lap 32 of the 49 lap Paris race when his seatbelts came loose, the same problem that ended his run in the Rome E-Prix two weeks ago.

Speaking after the race, Piquet said he stopped as soon as he knew his belts had worked loose but suggested some other drivers may be taking risks with their belts in order to save time.

“That’s the cause of this regulation which I don’t like, which is forcing everybody to take risks to do faster pit stops,” said Piquet. “It caused us to get the seatbelts loose at one point when I was adjusting them during the run. They got loose, they opened, and I had to stop.

“Everybody leaves the pits with loose belts, so we’re all trying to adjust them while we’re driving. For some reason, I must have caught something, and it got loose at one point, and it opened.

“It’s happened with a bunch of cars, but most people if they’re in the points they’ll run to the end and then they’ll put the belts back up. I wasn’t in the points, so I decided not to risk too much.”

Asked if there were any measures the Jaguar team could take to prevent the issue from reoccurring, Piquet said: “We have to do quick pitstops, and that’s how it is. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but we have to do quick stops which the regulations force us to do.

Piquet’s retirement in Paris was his third in as many races and the first race this season that his Jaguar team has failed to score points.

Despite the team having improved on its disappointing debut last season, the season one champion says it’s difficult to know where Jaguar sits in the pecking order currently.

“It’s hard to say; everybody seems very close. If we have a good day, a good qualifying session, it can change many things. If we have a bad qualifying session it can mask a lot of the results,” said Piquet.

“I don’t know if people are catching us or if we lost something that we’ve had in the last couple of races, but I do think that we had a bigger advantage in the first couple of races.

“Maybe people are catching up quicker, some of the tricks we had people are refining. It’s part of racing; it’s never constant. We need to keep working and keep finding little bits to get back up there.”

Image Credit: Formula E