and criticised Andre Lotterer’s driving in the , after both drivers were involved in incidents with the Techeetah driver in the closing stages of the race.

Lotterer has since been awarded a ten-place grid penalty to be taken at the next race in Berlin.

Bird had the most involvement with Lotterer during the race, being involved in two collisions. The first coming on lap 35 of 49 when the pair made contact as Lotterer locked up while passing Bird for second place.

Lotterer then found himself critically low on energy on the final lap and slowed dramatically leaving Bird with nowhere to go but straight into the back of him. Contact was sufficient enough for Bird’s front right suspension to be completely destroyed, but he was able to limp over the line to take third with his wheel pointing in the wrong direction.

Speaking after the race, Bird said: “We actually discussed in the drivers’ briefing this exact thing where you cannot move under braking. You cannot do the late swerve when people are obviously going to be overtaking. It’s not correct in any form of motorsport.

“I believe what we saw today from [Lotterer] is not correct. I do have to go from here to the stewards to explain my side of the story, but I believe that I’m not really in the wrong. It’s too much from Andre, too much right now.

“I had a bit of it in Punta del Este. It’s a bit too aggressive, and he needs to be told.”

Asked whether Lotterer should receive a penalty for his driving, Bird replied: “I don’t want to throw Andre under the bus. I like Andre, he’s a very talented racing driver with a phenomenal history in the sport, but I think something needs to happen.”

Di Grassi was blunter in response to being asked whether Lotterer should face sanction, replying “100%”.

The Audi driver was involved in a coming together with Lotterer on the last lap as the pair tangled in their fight over second place. Di Grassi demanded the stewards to define what is allowed on track and said Formula E risks other drivers trying dangerous moves if Lotterer is not penalised.

“What we want, all the drivers want, is clarity and same standards for everyone,” said Di Grassi.

“If Andre’s driving becomes a standard, then everybody is going to start driving like this. I’m also going to start moving because if I want to defend a position that’s the best way of doing it.

“So what we want is standards, and equal for everyone. If this is the case, then it’s fine. If it’s not the case, then they must be punished.”

Image Credit: Formula E