cut an emotional figure following his dominant win in the , with the Formula E points leader urging his team to ‘keep pushing’ and to forget about his points advantage.

After seeing Sam Bird cut his lead with victory in Rome two weeks ago, the Parisian driver was relieved to have bounced but stopped short of declaring himself to be the title favourite.

“It was clearly my most emotional win by far,” said Vergne, “If there was a race I wanted to win this year, it was clearly Paris and to have done it in such a good way today with pole position and race win was absolutely amazing – especially as it was my birthday this week, it’s been an incredible week.

“I’m going to need a few days to land on my feet, I’m racing again next weekend, but I have to thank my team. Rome was a tough one for me, sometimes you have a low weekend, and Rome was low for me.

“We worked very hard coming back here in Paris it shows that we can turn things around.”

Despite extending his lead over DS Virgin’s Sam Bird to 31pts, Vergne again dismissed talk of a potential championship win and insisted his team must not begin to think they have finished the job.

“I don’t want my team to believe that we’ve won the championship. I want us to keep focused and keep working as if we were lower in the rankings,” said Vergne.

“It’s always better to be in the position of chasing than being chased. So even though I am the one being chased, I still chase the other ones. So every race I arrive I think that Sam or Felix or whoever has the same amount of points and I want to leave with more points than them.

“In Formula E anything can happen. You can score 29 points in a weekend, it’s only one bad weekend and them a fantastic weekend, and it will be theirs.

“I don’t want the team to think we can relax; I’m going to still push them very hard until the last race.”

Image Credit: Formula E