might still be a new Formula E, but the baseline will be set at zero for the majority of the Formula E grid when they hit the streets of Santiago.


“The Santiago circuit is new for everyone” says Mortara.


“As a newcomer to the championship that will help me, as in the previous races, most of my rivals had experience from previous years.”


With temperatures in Santiago expected to top 30°C, one of the key unknown factors will be energy management. The engineering crew, led by technical director Franck Baldet, has tested a number of different energy consumption scenarios in the simulator, while the team has also sought to familiarise itself with a new and particularly fast circuit.


“We’re on the right track” added Mortara. “We’re making progress together, as a team”.


Mortara was able to make up twelve places in the first two-thirds of the race in Marrakesh, giving the team extra confidence they will have an edge in Santiago in terms of energy management.


 Images: Formula E Team and ABB Formula E