will not impose a minimum pit stop time for the remainder of the season.


Since 2014, the implemented a minimum time from pitlane entry to exit before each race to prevent drivers and teams from rushing the car swaps, however as teams adapted to pit stops, the felt that teams had reached a limit on how quickly teams and drivers could switch cars.


As such, the FIA notified teams ahead of Saturday’s race in Marrakech.


Reigning champion welcomed the move in principal, but felt the timing of the change was a little off.


“I’m in favour of the concept but if they do such a change they should do it before the beginning of the season,” said di Grassi. “If you do it before the season you have chance to optimise everything.


“A change like this will be a gamble for everyone. It will make life more complicated for Marrakech, for sure.”


Di Grassi suggested that belts currently used in endurance racing could be a safer option to the ones currently used in Formula E, to ensure safety is preserved in the rush to be the first out of pit-lane.


“The current belts are standard single-seater belts that are not designed for a quick change,” di Grassi added.


“In LMP or GT you have a different buckle system, it’s much more simple and effective. I’m sure I will never risk not having the belts done up properly. But because the belts are not made to go this way, if the mechanic does not do it properly or tries to do it too quickly under pressure, it could take 15 or 20 seconds to do it all over again. It’s part of the game, but it should not be part of losing the race.”


Image: AudiSport