Montreal Mayor has terminated plans for next year’s ePrix, which was scheduled to conclude the 2017/18 FIA Championship season.


Plante  – who has run on an ‘anti-Formula E’platform, has labelled the organisation behind the event a “financial fiasco”, with the the non-profit event organizers reportedly $9.5 million CAD into its line of credit.


Plante further adds that $35 million CAD would be required from taxpayers in order for the race to go ahead


“Montrealers have made it clear that we can’t waste their money on poorly planned projects that don’t serve them,” Plante said.


Formula E Management issued a press release, expressing their disappointment by the move from Plante.


“We are very surprised and disappointed by the unilateral decision and announcement of the Mayor of Montreal,” read the statement.


“This is a clear case of a new mayor undoing what the previous mayor did. Whilst there is a contract in place, we will not make further comments at this point as this is now in the hands of our Canadian legal counsel.”


With the New York E-Prix taking place two weeks prior to the cancelled event in Montreal, it is unknown whether a separate event will take the place of the Canadian race.


Image: FIA Formula E