After recovering from his drive-through penalty in the opening round of the Championship, Sam Bird faces another penalty that will see him drop ten spots for today’s second race in Hong Kong.


The first penalty was the result of failing to change  vehicles whilst in his pit box, however Bird was further sanctioned for losing control of his car whilst still on the pit apron – a situation that Bird felt was difficult to avoid.


“There was just no grip in the pit-lane,” Bird explained. “I turned in and I went straight on; there was nothing I could do [because] the pit lane was so dirty”.


Further penalties from Saturday were handed to , who received a 22 second time penalty for using more than the allocated power (197kW). The penalty dropped the Swede to fourteenth in the standings while Andre Lotter was disqualified for leaving his vehicle whilst in Parc Ferme.


The penalties saw inherit fastest lap from Rosenqvist and with it an additional championship point, while also receives one point from being elevated to tenth in yesterday’s standings.


Image: DS Virgin Racing