DS ’s  is a man in demand. After stunning the fraternity last season with immediate speed and results, the Brit now has even more on his plate after becoming an AMR Factory Driver.


Lynn says most of his miles this year have concentrated on developing the much anticipated new Vantage GTE, but revealed that the partnership had gone back longer than most outsiders were aware of.


“I have been talking to them [Aston Martin Racing] for over a year” says Lynn. “I’ve done two tests with the team. I was part of the 30 hour development / endurance test and also endurance test at Sebring. So from my side I have already done quite a few laps in the new Vantage”.


Lynn’s 2018 race schedule compared to 2017 might seem like chalk and cheese, but admits that he’ll actually be doing less in the coming racing season.


“I had more drives this year than I would do next year. I am just focusing on Formula E and WEC” says Lynn.


“There are no clashes. It’s nice. They should continue to have no clashes between Formula E and WEC, because it’s good for the drivers who do both”.


While being multi-disciplined as a professional driver is becoming increasingly important for drivers in the motor sport market-place, Lynn says he hasn’t had to work hard at it.




“It comes naturally to be honest” Lynn adds. “They are not like each other at all. Formula E and GTE. You probably couldn’t get a car further away from each other. From that side, it is not difficult to switch from one to the other because they are completely different”.


Never one to rest on his natural gifts, Lynn says simulation work has been integral to himself and the DS Virgin Racing team’s preparation heading into this season and believes they are on the right track.


“I think [we’re] fine, to be honest. We are prepared. I am just excited to get going really. It’s very important. We spend a lot of time preparing in the sim and making sure you are fully ready – just to see that it matches up with what we learn in the simulator to be honest”.


Images DS Virgin Racing / Aston Martin Official