Alexander Sims has been testing for the team in Valencia this week, as the team look for a new driver to partner Antonio Felix Da Costa.


Currently a factory driver in IMSA, Sims is competing head-to-head for the drive with fellow backed driver Tom Blomqvist, and says he is waiting to find out if he has got the drive.


“I’m sure there are talks between Andretti and BMW about the situation, but ultimately it’s BMW who tell me whether I drive or not. I’ve been asking [the team] myself, but no, there’s no decision yet on what’s happening.”


Sims has been a works BMW GT driver since 2014, and says his preference would be to combine that role with a Formula E race drive should he get the chance.



“My history with BMW has always been in GT racing, and so I would assume that would continue moving forward – I really, really enjoy GT racing as well. 


“I’ve not done a [Formula E] race weekend, so I can’t say what it’s like going into a weekend with pretty limited testing to get back into the groove when switching cars, but I’ve done it for the past five years. I’ve done it today; I drove in Barcelona on Sunday, came here and drove on Monday morning, and it’s not like I took 20 laps to get used to Formula E again. I personally think it’s totally feasible.


Sims is one of a number of rookie drivers testing Formula E machinery this week in Valencia, and with several drivers moving over from endurance and GT racing, he feels the series will soon boast one of the most competitive fields in world motorsport.


“I guess there are many different aspects of how you’d judge the level of a championship, but in terms of competitiveness – especially from a drivers’ point of view and the teams and manufacturers involved, I think Formula E is one of, if not the most competitive field in the world.


“Even in F1 you have a massive difference between teams, and some drivers in F1 are not there purely on merit, but I’d say the majority of teams in Formula E choose their drivers on a performance factor. If it’s not there already, I think in a season or two’s time it will be the place to be.”