newcomer and former Sauber and HAAS F1 driver Esteban Gutierrez shared his thoughts with Rob Watts on making his race debut in Mexico City.


E “It was very interesting because I hadn’t tested the car, and obviously being in Mexico there were a lot of fans” explains Esteban.


“Having that motivation was pretty nice to experience in my first weekend in Formula E. I’ve been preparing a lot physically, preparing a lot in the simulator to try to catch up with my overall knowledge of the series. Hopefully I can make good progress here in Monaco”


Whilst a predominantly slower Formula than what he’s been used to, Gutierrez knows that adjusting to the unique demands of Formula E will be no walk in the park, but believes the recently superceded rulebook of Formula One will hold him in good stead.


“I am still on a learning curve” says Gutierrez. “I’ve only had one day in the car so it’s definitely not enough. It’s never going to be enough so I have to make sure that every time I’m on track, every session we optimise the track time for me to get comfortable with the car.”


“Of course, there’s a lot of information you need to process during a race. It’s very similar on that side – the amount of information you get, the amount of things that you need to manage. Mexico was a very fun race but I’m looking forward to getting more comfortable with the car – getting quicker will make it even more fun”.


Esteban also hopes his past experience at Monaco will give him an advantage around the Principality, but admits that it’s his team mate who will be the first benchmark he has to reach.


“I want to get close to [JEV] and I think achieving another double points finish for the team will be a good result for everybody”.


Image: Formula E Team