Nelson Piquet believes human errors have been the main stumbling block for not having converted Saturday pace to results on Sunday, but believes the team have solidified their place in the top pecking order on pure pace.


“[It’s] still the obvious reasons that you’ve seen. We’ve had strategy problems, we had pit stop problems, all kinds of issues in the races; we’ve only finished two races out of the four” says Piquet.


“The team really needs to get their act together and avoid the mistakes we’ve been making.”


“We’re very quick; I’m pretty sure me and Oliver should easily be in the top six in qualifying and into super pole. We have to then have a good strategy, and good pit stops; all the things that we’ve been lacking in recent races.


Piquet admits that qualifying is key to their chances this weekend, but concentrating on this area alone won’t necessarily dictate a top result.


“It [qualifying] would help, but a good qualifying we’ve been having every weekend, that’s not the issue. It’s delivering on that and not making any mistakes in the race” he said.


Of course getting a clean lap on a short, tight circuit like Monaco isn’t easy, as Piquet found out when being obstructed by Lucas di Grassi last time the Formula E fraternity visited the Principality.


“It’s a bit shorter so it’s a bit more difficult” admits Piquet.


“Luckily we’ll be only five in groups; it will still be hard but maybe a little less this year as the strategy is a bit less flexible in terms of qualifying. You only have one lap to do, and everyone’s going to be in the same rhythm in qualifying so hopefully that doesn’t happen again”.


Piquet puts a lot of the positive change down to Gerry Hughes arrival as Team Principal at NEXTEV NIO, citing structure as the main component for success.



He’s [Hughes] put a lot of order, a lot of structure in the team and the things that we needed” Piquet explains.


“The team now has budget, good sponsors, a good boss and good people on board so we have everything we need to be successful. That’s what every good racing team need – a good leader, good budget and good engineers, and we’re trying to hire the best people out there as much as we can. That’s because we want to be successful.”


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Images: Richard Washbrook Photography