On the 16 February 2016, Buenos Aires, Racing announced the Lear Corporation, a leading global supplier of automotive seating and electrical distribution systems, will partner the team in the FIA Formula E Championship with its Seating business.


Mahindra Racing’s partnership with Lear Seating provides a tantalising opportunity to work together with a clear aim of bringing Lear’s innovative safety technology to the notice of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) for road safety initiatives. That same technology could also lead to exciting advances in motorsport seating design. ​


Dr Pawan Goenka, Chairman of Mahindra Racing said, “It is my pleasure to warmly welcome Lear Seating to Mahindra Racing and our FIA Formula E Championship program. Lear has a well-established association with the Mahindra Group and its leading seating systems are featured in Mahindra commercial vehicles, SUVs, and more. Our consumers have already enjoyed Lear Seating’s advanced solutions and now we look forward to growing this partnership together with our racing activities.”


Matt Simoncini, Lear President and Chief Executive Officer said, “With Lear a global leader in automotive seating and the world’s leader in performance and luxury automotive seating, we are proud to sponsor Mahindra Racing in competing in the FIA Formula E Championship. We have worked closely with the Mahindra Group since 1998 and are proud to supply our valued partner with more than 300,000 seat sets for their production vehicles on an annual basis. Mahindra Racing’s passion for both Formula E and world-class engineering are values the Lear team shares.”


Ray Scott, Lear Executive Vice President and President of Seating said, “Lear Seating provides industry-leading, vertically integrated seating systems and related seat components globally. We highly value working with Mahindra and look toward a future of continued collaboration and innovation, as well as the Mahindra Racing team’s performances around the world.”


Image: Mahindra Racing