With the Buenos Aires ePrix just under a week away, teams are ticking off their checklists for what will be the series’ 2nd time in Argentina. With management of energy and temperature high on the agenda due to the long straights on the South American circuit, all eyes will be on which team has made the most of the extended break.


Jose Maria Lopez – the only Argentinian competing in – is a firm local favourite ahead of race day and hopes you get an extra few tenths from his home crowd.


“I’m getting a lot of media asking me how I’ll perform in Buenos Aires, it being my home country. Well, I have the team, and I have the car, so I think I have as good a chance as anyone out there on race day” said the DS Virgin driver.


I’m just excited to go out and race in front of my fans!”. As part of his homecoming, Jose Maria Lopez will be taking part in a street parade between el Teatro Colon and the Legislatura de la Ciudadon on the Wednesday ahead of the race.


NEXTEV EV’s Nelson Piquet Jr says the team’s 2016/17 car is showing strong improvements since last season’s car and the focus during the large gap since Marrakesh to improve performance even further.


“The break is giving us time to work hard within the team. Just because we’re not on track it doesn’t mean that we’re not working and improving” said Piquet.




“Our ambition hasn’t changed from winning races and the championship and we know we need to climb up a few steps before being the best car and team out there but we’re working really hard.”


“It (Buenos Aires) is a twisty track, which is something that we enjoy” he added. “There are long straights though too, which is probably not our strongest point. But regardless of which track we’re going to, the team is working hard and we’ll have a different situation in every place – we need to be good everywhere.”


Images: DS and NEXTEV EV Formula E Team